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School Events

Sir John Leman High School is a traditional and extremely successful school where we have the highest expectations of our students. We have worked hard to build our reputation for achieving high academic standards. 

Sir John Leman High School has a strong emphasis on values and a relentless focus on improving learning which is driving up performance in all aspects of our school. We place great emphasis on achievement. Academic Awards Evenings are part of the wide range of ways in which excellence is celebrated. 

For more information about the various things going on at Sir John Leman, please read our school newsletters

Sixth Form Assembly


On Friday 24th May, marked the last official day for our Year 13 students. As is tradition in the Sixth Form, the Sixth Form Team organised a fun assembly to look back and reminisce about their time at Sir John Leman.

Awards included: The Foghorn Award for the loudest student, Selfie of the Year, Personal Hygiene Award, Extra Curricular Activities Award, Quote of Year, Most likely to be Prime Minister, Entrepreneur of the Year, Bourbon Biscuit Award, 007 Award, Positivity Award, Social Media Star, Man vs Food and much more!

As a special surprise, Mr Ainslie arranged for Ryan Sampson, who plays Grumio from the popular ITV show ‘Plebs’, to present the award for ‘The Bendy Neck Individual Award 2019’ to Lauren Burley. A special mention to Rianna Jones and Owen Rudd who were also nominated for the award. We want to thank Ryan for taking the time to record this message to our students - a priceless and unforgettable moment for them! To view the full video scan the QR Code.

Congratulations to all our Year 13 students! We want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck with the remainder of your exams.

Leman Legacy - November 2018

As part of Sir John Leman's pledge to become more environmentally friendy and reduce our carbon footprint, staff and students have been busy planting trees on the school field. Owen Rudd, Environment Director of the Sixth Form Council, along with Mr Ainslie have been busy organising several sessions for students and staff to get involved and make a big difference. It has been tough with the intermittent rain and the sunlight drawing in, but they have planted a total of 299 trees! 

Each tree was planted beside a stake and covered with 'tree wrap' to help them grow straight and protect them throughout the harsh winter weather and wildlife. A big thank you to all those who got involved in this amazing opportunity! We are now looking forward ot planning and implementing the redesign of the Sixth Form garden. 

Tree Planting
Tree Planting (5)

A big thank you to the staff and students who helped to plant the trees on the school field. 


Tree Planting (3)

Apache Helicopter Landing - 3rd December 2018

On Monday 3rd November, Sir John Leman had the privilege to welcome an Army ‘Apache’ Attack helicopter onto the school field during lunchtime. Staff and students were invited to watch this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from the side of the field. The helicopter flew over and circled a few times before landing in the centre of the football pitch. Once landed and the pilots disembarked, all were invited to get a little closer, have a look and chat with the British Army Officers.

Year 7 and Sixth Form students were welcomed back onto the field throughout the afternoon at specified times which allowed them to ask lots of questions. The pilots stayed in order to talk with the students about what they do, how they got into their career and answer more specific questions about the helicopter. Some great questions were asked by the students and they gained some valuable knowledge.

Mr Taylor said: “It was a memorable moment for the youngsters. A moment they will look back on and say, ‘Do you remember when?’”

We want to thank all those involved in making this special event possible, it was a great way to kick start the RAG Week fundraising!       

Above: Photos of the Apache Helicopter along it's approach and landing on the school field. Images provided by staff and Sixth Form student Jack Morris.


GCSE Results Day - 23rd August 2018

Congratulations Class of 2018!

Ten grade 9s and an A in Additional Mathematics for one of our students and student progress likely to put us as one of the top performing schools in the country. Sir John Leman High School staff, students and the community we serve have a great deal to celebrate this GCSE results day.

The school's curriculum offer at KS4 is broad and we are delighted at the level of success achieved, especially in many subject areas which are being assessed in new ways for the first time this year.

These results are testament to the hard work, commitment and positive relationships of staff and students. 

The hard work of Alice Etteridge has placed her among the highest achievers across the country. She attained an incredible 10 grade nine marks - plus an A in Additional Mathematics. The high-flyer spoke of the hard work behind the grades and said: "It feels amazing but very strange - I can't really believe it. I'm really pleased beacuse I did work extremely hard."

Alice puts her success down to making sure she understood topics fully from the beginning and believing in herself when entering the exam room. She added: "I go into exams with a positive mindset and tell myself I know it all. Even if I don't initially understand something I think I can get there somehow."

Staff at Sir John Leman want to wish all our Year Eleven students the very best of luck in their next step. 

image (2)

A Level Results Day - 16th August 2018

Congratulations to all of our Year 13 students who have received their A level results today. We are very proud of you all and wish you every success as you embark on your next chapter!

Michael Taylor, headteacher, said: “The Sir John Leman High School would like to congratulate its Y13 students, brilliant results from a comprehensive sixth form, including a 100pc pass rate.

“Many personal bests have been achieved - students exceeding their personal targets and attaining their desired next steps in life, for many this being a move onto university.”


For Sir John Leman’s Sam Hayward, three A levels just wasn’t enough. After earning an amazing four As, the 18-year-old said: “I didn’t know which one to drop." "There was a lot of difficult but enjoyable work and I enjoyed learning about things that I found interesting - I’m really pleased with my results.” Mr Hayward explained how the school helped him achieve such incredible results as he battled personal struggles. “But there was always someone to help - whether that be academic or personal.”

Head girl Charlie Haynes said she was “exceptionally relieved” to have earned two As and a B. The 18-year-old said: “The school was so supportive and were always there if I needed anything. I couldn’t have asked for better support. It felt like all the teachers were invested and really cared.”

Awards Eve3

School Awards Evening

On Wednesday 11th July, Sir John Leman High School held their annual School Awards Evening, recognising students for their hard work and achievements from Year 7 to 13 in all the various subject areas. Awards were presented by Mr Taylor and Ms Gurney, with the help of Beccles Mayor, Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw, who gave a brief inspiring speech with words of support and encouragement to all.

The school hall was full and it was brilliant to see the smiles and pride of nominees and successful winners. Despite attendance at the event being a difficult decision for many (given the distraction of the England football match!), we are grateful to all those who made this commitment to support and join the school community in celebration.

Sports Day 2018 - Tuesday 10th July

We would like to pay tribute to all staff and students for their contribution to an amazing Sports Day! 2018 will certainly be a year to remember; many records broken, a great number of "personal bests" and broad participation from everyone. The atmosphere and support for one another was outstanding and the engagement in the finals in the afternoon was the best yet! 

Throughout the day, students are awarded points for both their participation and performance. The results for Sports Day 2018 are as follows:

1st Place - Zeus (1,169)
2nd Place - Poseidon (1,042)
3rd Place - Heracles (844)
4th Place - Athena (779)

Take a look at our Facebook page for updates during the event.

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night Production

On Friday 29th June - the Drama Club presented their version of Twelfth Night. They performed to a large audience of their families and friends. The feedback received was fabulous, praising the students hard work and creative talents. Miss Holt and Mrs Forster are extremely proud of the commitment and dedication each student made in the cast and the band. Drama Club students rehearsed during their lunchtimes and after school and their hard work really paid off. The student led band arranged the music themselves and created new versions of the 70’s songs with great skill, we were so grateful for their time and dedication to the production. A big thank you to everyone involved, it was a real team effort and we are very proud of the end result.

Partnership Awards Evening Celebrates 10 Years

Sir John Leman High School recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary of the Partnership Awards Ceremony held at St Michael’s Church, Beccles. Around 130 students were awarded for their achievements from Sir John Leman High School and its 11 Partnership Schools. The students, ranging from Year 1 to 13, were nominated by their respective schools in recognition of their academic, sporting or extra-curricular achievements, as well as a positive attitude to learning and hard work and achieving a personal best.

The presentation of the awards was undertaken by Headteacher, Michael Taylor and guest speaker, Sadie Lofthouse, Human Resource Manager at Adnams and Employer Champion, who gave a thought provoking speech incorporating the acronym C, D, E, F for Curiosity, Determination, Energy and Fun when describing a good working ethos whether it be towards school work or professional environments.

Mrs Francis introduced each student and shared with the audience, the reasons for their nominations. All student were presented with a medal and a certificate. Throughout the evening guests were entertained by the School Jazz Band, as well as the Beccles Partnership Choir.

Partnership Awards 20.6.18(2)

Discover Japan at UEA

On Wednesday 20th June, 15 students attended the Discover Japan events at UEA. Students were first introduced to the university and the courses and facilities it has to offer, before they took part in a quiz about Japan. Students then attended workshops ranging from Japanese language taster, Origami, Japanese History, Taiko Drums and Japanese culture. After lunch students had the chance to tour the campus to look at accommodation as well as the student union at the Sainsbury’s centre for Visual Arts. The afternoon continued with another workshop which the students enjoyed. An excellent day was had by all and the students were a credit to the school.

Japan trip - UEA
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