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Design Technology

The intent of the Design Technology Curriculum

Design is a ‘problem-solving’ activity, requiring the application of creative thinking with technical knowledge. Through a variety of creative and practical activities, the Design and Technology Curriculum at Sir John Leman High School, focuses on developing in all students, the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making, alongside the personal attitudes and attributes to be successful at KS3, KS4 and beyond. Delivered through a variety of mediums, including Textiles, Product Design and Food and Nutrition the curriculum covers the following 3 key areas of design in parallel with technical understanding:

Designing: students will learn how to analyse contexts and problems, identifying, through different research, design criteria to meet their own and other’s needs. They will develop a range of communication skills, including modelling and CAD, to explore and test design thinking.

Making: students will learn how to prepare and plan for manufacture and safely use a wide variety of tools and equipment, including CAM, to shape, process, assemble and finish a wide range of materials, components and ingredients.

Evaluating: students will develop their ability to test and critically examine their own and others products, embedding this understanding in the wider context of social, moral, cultural and environmental issues.

Technical Knowledge: students will develop a broad range of technical expertise, including the application of knowledge from the wider curriculum, including such things as materials and their properties, systems and new and new and emerging technologies.

How is the Design Technology Curriculum implemented?

Designing, Making and Evaluating skills, along with Technical Knowledge, are taught by specialist teachers through Units of Work that focus on material classification. This is delivered on a carousel system with classes experiencing the different units through the year. These build in complexity, challenge and depth as students move through the KS3 years. In Year 9 students have the option to select four from five Units including Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Product Design, Graphics and Photography as a ‘taster’ and foundation for GCSE courses.


The impact of the Design Technology Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3

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