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The intent of the Drama Curriculum

The Drama and Performing Arts Department at Sir John Leman High School is a lively and thriving department, which prides itself on the high quality of learning and teaching that it offers at all Key Stages. The study of Drama and Performing Arts encourages learners to develop their skills in communication and collaboration, allowing them to develop the interpersonal skills that are necessary for success both in a school setting and in the wider community. Our cross curricular links with departments such as English, History and Religious Studies mean that a variety of practical strategies can be used to support academic study.

We believe that all students can benefit from the opportunities to develop leadership skills and to explore creativity and imagination in a safe and positive environment.

How is the Drama Curriculum implemented?

The KS3 Drama curriculum introduces a range of British and International theatre styles and practitioners, giving students a broad base, from which to create their own performance work, and understand the theory and history behind the theatre they create. There is a clear linear structure, allowing students to return to key concepts and develop their understanding and application throughout Key Stage 3.

Students are taught in mixed ability groups in Year 7 and 8, and in broader ability groups in Year 9. They are assessed at the end of each unit with a variety of performing and writing tasks that are shaped to support students to develop the skills assessed in each component of the GCSE Drama course.


The impact of the Drama Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum gives students the range of skills and knowledge they need to be successful GCSE Drama candidates. They are assessed on their ability to create, rehearse, perform and write about their work and the work of others, allowing them to make a positive and enthusiastic start to their GCSE course, should they choose to continue studying Drama at Key Stage 4. Students will use the confidence and presentation skills they develop to be successful in a range of careers whether communicating with colleagues or the wider public.

How is it assessed?

Each unit of study is assessed at the end, students will be aware of the assessment criteria.

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