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The intent of the French Curriculum

The French curriculum at Sir John Leman High School has been created with the intention of developing cultural awareness and understanding, alongside enabling students to communicate successfully in the foreign language. Our curriculum provides students with the opportunity to learn and use French in practical situations, to discover the culture and customs of Francophone countries and to encourage a positive attitude to foreign language learning and culture.

Studying a language has many benefits for the brain, language lessons promote vital communication skills and encourage mental agility, supporting and assisting pupils with other areas of the curriculum (literacy, numeracy, geography, computing), and providing them with a distinct advantage in an increasingly global community; knowledge of at least one foreign language is a significant asset in the job market.

The teachers in our MFL faculty are active and passionate about their specialism, committed to exploring creative ways of passing on our enthusiasm for languages to the students at Sir John Leman High School. We regularly share ideas about the range of learning strategies involved in understanding, learning and retaining a foreign language. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn a language and to have a sense of achievement while doing so.

How is the French Curriculum implemented?

The KS3 French curriculum follows the Studio textbooks; starting with Studio 1 in Year 7 and working through to Studio 3 in Year 9. The vocabulary and grammar in the KS3 Studio curriculum provides students with an excellent foundation of knowledge to build on at GCSE.

Students are taught as mixed ability tutor groups in Year 7; Year 8 classes are set according to English and broad ability groups are set in Year 9. Students are assessed at the end of each module with reading, listening, speaking and writing assessments.


The impact of the French Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3

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