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The intent of the Music Curriculum

Music is important to many of our students whether they take an active role playing instruments or taking part in extra-curricular activities or a more passive role by taking advantage of listening to the huge variety of music available to them.

The KS3 Music Curriculum at Sir John Leman High School has been created to develop students’ interest and enjoyment of music. We aim to ensure students experience a wide range of musical genres and styles. The curriculum focuses on the main skills of:


The Music Curriculum gives students the opportunities of exploring a broader and richer variety of music; giving students the opportunities to see how music links into the real world and promoting SMSC and CIAG/Gatesby benchmarks.

How is the Music Curriculum implemented?

The skills listed above are then taught and developed through the following curriculum-based projects:


The impact of the Music Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3

Through a variety of activities, students develop their understanding and awareness of music notations, vocabulary and different genres and styles as well as developing their confidence with singing, performing, improvising, composing, appraising, and listening. The KS3 Music Curriculum develops these skills to enable further study at GCSE and A Level as well as ensuring students have the skills to take part in the music activities beyond the curriculum.

How is it assessed? 

For each half term there is an assessment of the work undertaken. Students are made aware of the area in which they are to be assessed and the criteria for assessments are shared with them.

How can I help my child?

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