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Religious Studies

The intent of the Religious Studies Curriculum

In Religious Studies at Sir John Leman High School students are introduced to the six major world religions. They will learn about how the main world religions are founded and will be able to explain their key beliefs and practices. In Year 9 they will start the GCES course with an Introduction to Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, before continuing this in Years 10 and 11. Every student will achieve a full GCSE qualification in this subject and some will also go on to study for an A Level.

How is the Religious Studies Curriculum implemented?

Religious Studies students receive a structured workbook for each year of study, they are expected to learn key terms at home prior to taught lessons to help subject specific language. They are then assessed after each unit in order to develop exam strengths.


The impact of the Religious Studies Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3

The KS3 RS programme of study gives students the skills, knowledge and experience to succeed at GCSE. By the end of Year 9, our students have attained a level of competence that will allow them to make a positive start to the GCSE course. Every student will go on to study GCSE RS, and one of the main aims of the KS3 course is to make this transition easy so that every student can achieve their potential.

How is it assessed? 

There will assessments each half term, with questions pitched at different levels in order to assess key skills within the subject.

How can I help my child?

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