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The intent of the Science Curriculum

The Science Curriculum at Sir John Leman High School is diverse to meet the needs of all students inclusive of ability, interest and future aspirations. At KS3 students follow a context based scheme of work with topics such as X Factor, Roswell, Dr Who and CSI. The scheme of work is designed to develop an inquiring mind and spark and interest in the subject as well as cover all the key concepts of Chemistry, Physics and Biology required to build on at KS4. Our aim is to build the work done at KS2 and prepare students for GCSE Science and living in the ever changing world around them.

How is the Science Curriculum implemented?

In Years 7 and 8 students will study a topic for ten lessons. The first nine lessons will be a blend of Biology, Chemistry and Physics linked to the topic in a contextual way. The tenth lesson will be a written assessment. There are two levels of assessment to allow all pupils to be successful in their own right.

Every 4 lessons they will also complete an assessed learning. This is their opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and improve on it. They are self-assessed and allow students the opportunity to experience exam style questions and develop their skills in answering them.


The impact of the Science Curriculum at the end of Key Stage 3

How can I help my child?

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