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Computer Science

What is it about?

Computer Science will enable students to:

  • Acquire and apply knowledge, some technical skills and an understanding of the use of algorithms in computer programs to solve problems using programming in a range of contexts. Mathematical ability and understanding is important to enable success in this course. Therefore Mathematical ability will be considered when applying.
  • Use their knowledge and understanding of computer technology to become independent and discerning users of IT, able to make informed decisions about the use and awareness of the implications of different technologies.
  • Develop computer programs to solve problems. It is very important that students are resilient and persevere in problem solving. They will develop the skills to work collaboratively.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs/solutions and the impact of, and issues related to, the use of computer technology in society.

This course is suited to students who want to go more into the computer programming side of IT.

What sort of work is done?

How is it examined?

How important is coursework?

What qualification will I get? What could it lead to?

Career directions could include:

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