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School Meals

The Old Dining Room (ODR)


E9 is a “Grab & Go” facility for those students who do not wish to sit in the more formal ODR. It is open at Break from 10.55am – 11.15am and again for Lunch at 12.55pm – 1.35am. 

The Eating Zone

Servery and eating area reserved solely for Years 7 and 8.

Cashless Catering

Each student is allocated a personal pin number and the account can be credited by cheque, E payment (coming shortly) or cash paid into any of the three “Revaluers” situated in E2, E9 or the ODR. Free School Meals are updated automatically on a daily basis to the value of £2.30 but other money can be added if desired. There is a daily spend limit of £5.00 unless otherwise authorised by a parent or guardian. If you wish to top up your child's cashless catering account online, please contact the school office for further information. 

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