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The following information explains the procedures we follow.

If you are living in the catchment area, and your child is eligible for school transport, a pass will be issued by the County at the start of each new school year. The pass is issued for the academic year and it is important that the student carries it on all journeys. The bus driver has the right to refuse travel on the bus if the pass is not available. If the pass is lost, there is a replacement fee of £10 and a temporary pass will be issued by the school pending the replacement (see below for Norfolk students).

Bus passes are allocated by the Transport Section on the basis of your postcode, the need to make sure that the buses are not overcrowded and using the shortest/quickest route possible. You may find that a neighbour's child, or even another member of your family, has been allocated a different route. Unless there are special circumstances it is not possible to change buses. Students are not allowed to travel on a bus for which they have no pass.

The County posts bus passes direct to the student's current address on file, towards the end of the summer holiday: therefore, the bus drivers will be asking to see a pass on the first day back at School.

If you have any queries regarding the issue of Suffolk County Council bus passes, then please contact:

Education Transport Service
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road
Ipswich IP1 2BX
0345 606 6173

For those students who travel to school on transport arranged by Norfolk County Council, the arrangements are different. Bus passes are normally sent directly to the home address. The school does not hold temporary passes and therefore all dealings are with County Hall. A letter with contact numbers is provided at the start of the year.

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