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What to do in Isolation?

We understand that some of you may be isolating at some point during this term. We appreciate you doing this and want to support you as much as we can. Therefore we have put together information which we hope will help with what to do during this period. 

For some of you, isolation may only last a few days because it relies on testing information. However you may also need to isolate for a lengthy period of time.

Informing us of your child's absence

What work should my child complete while isolating?

The first step would be to check on Go 4 Schools - link below
Mrs Guttridge and Mr Melchior (Academic Mentors) have also put together some links to other useful educational resources. 

7.8 Resources(1)
9.10.11 Resources(1) 

Mental Health Resources

We are all adapting to a new way of life due to Covid-19, and this is a very challenging and emotional time for families. As parents and carers, and those ensuring the welfare of children, it is important that we help children find positive ways to express their feelings. School staff are available to contact but please find below a booklet with lots of other resources available. 


Who to contact?

Other useful information

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