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Student Voice

At Sir John Leman, being part of the Sixth Form means being part of a student body that works together in numerous aspects throughout the school. Many think that you only attend Sixth Form to learn and study, however you also grow and receive many new experiences that assist you in future learning and careers. At Sir John Leman Sixth Form, you are encouraged to take every opportunity that you are given and use it to develop and expand on your existing knowledge and skills and also take responsibility for your own learning.

One aspect of the student body that offers you the chance to use your student voice is the Sixth Form Council. Recently we have formed a new structure for the Council which has allowed more people to become involved. The Council works closely alongside other members of the school to organise events such as RAG week, Freshers week, sporting events and dress-up days. The Sixth Form Council also makes decisions on behalf of the whole Sixth Form in order to constantly improve the Sixth Form experience. The new Council structure allows students to showcase their ideas and talents in areas such as finance, sport, marketing, performance and teaching and learning. Being part of the Sixth Form Council allows you to work as part of a team to take control of your environment and make it the best you can; it’s about using your student voice to the best of your ability.

The Sir John Leman Sixth Form also gives you the chance to take responsibility for your own learning with individual study periods. These give you the chance to carry out independent research into areas of interest within your studies, so that you can expand your knowledge. Sixth Form allows you to have freedom in your learning whilst still offering support where it may be needed. The teachers within Sixth Form offer academic and pastoral support which encourages you to push yourself in your learning. Furthermore, the Sixth Form team has an ‘open door policy’ where you are always able to drop into the office whenever you need to. Another opportunity that the Sixth Form offers is the chance to work alongside your peers and older students to receive additional support and have the chance to ask questions about particular subjects. The Sir John Leman Sixth Form has a positive academic environment which allows you to challenge and stretch yourself to reach your full potential.

As a Sixth Form student, you will be able to access many specific Sixth Form facilities such as the common room, study room and the Atrium coffee shop. In the common room, there are facilities including a vending machine and a kitchen with a microwave, kettle and fridge. The common room is an area that allows you to socialise and relax between study periods and lessons during lunch and break and some students also use it for study. The Atrium is a relatively new addition to Sixth Form facilities and is somewhere you can go to buy a variety of drinks and food which extends to an outside area, which offers you the chance to sit outside when the weather is pleasant. The study room is where you will spend most of your study periods, as it offers a variety of study methods; for example, you have the chance to sit and work around tables as a group or individually in a booth. Sixth Form facilities also include a private sixth form garden, separate computer suites and Wi-Fi in the common room, study room and Atrium!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Sixth Form, and for you to experience our positive and exciting environment!

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