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School Council

The School Council is a body set up to enable students to have their voice in the school community and beyond. The School Council meets monthly and is attended by a representative from the senior Leadership team , usually the Head or deputy. Key school staff are invited to meetings to enable students to ask questions about issues that concern them. Recent meetings have focussed on maintenance, catering and wifi. The School Council  is allocated  a yearly budget and is empowered to allocate grants to charities and student led school improvements. The School Council also decides upon the charities that are supported through fundraising from non-uniform days.

School council members are key members of Student  Panels  set up for staff interviews.

School Council members are representatives for the school on Waveney Youth Council and often play key roles in this organisation

The members are made up of up to four students per year group.  If there are more than four applicants for the year places then elections are held. 

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