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Sixth Form

Work Experience

In all years, students are given a wide range of opportunities to gain an insight into the world of work, providing them with the chance to develop qualities and skills required by employers. 

The opportunities which are available include enterprise days, visits to employers, speakers from the world of work, networking events relating to specific employment sectors and work experience placements as well as a structured PSHEE programme.

Year 10

Students have the opportunity to have a one week work experience placement so they can spend a period of time outside the classroom with an employer, learning about a particular job or area of work.  During the placement, students will be able to find out what skills employers look for when they are recruiting staff.

Sixth Form

Work experience is offered to sixth form students as:

  • an enrichment activity to enhance their career opportunities, strengthen their applications to University and prepare them for work
  • an integral part of Year 12 study programmes, offered at the end of the academic year in July

Work experience in sixth form contributes to students overall development, with placements being carefully matched so they are relevant to the career aspirations of the individual.

Youth Social Action

Sixth form students are encouraged to participate in social action to develop their work-related skills and behaviours.  The benefits of taking part in social action are that young people have stronger personal networks, have higher life satisfaction and reduced anxiety.  Social action should be youth led, socially impactful, challenging, embedded, progressive and reflective.  Activities can include volunteering, campaigning and fundraising.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS is a government backed, part residential, youth programme for 16 and 17 year olds and develops skills and confidence in young people.  NCS offers both a summer and autumn programme in which young people work in teams of 12 – 15, building skills for work and life, take on challenges, make new friends and take part in a social action project in their local area. The young person will pay no more than £50 to take part. https://www.ncsyes.co.uk/ 

Young Leadership Project - Suffolk Young Trustee Programme

The project aims to connect young people with local charities.  More information can be found at https://www.communityactionsuffolk.org.uk/volunteering/young-leadership-project/

iWill Campaign

Making social action part of life for 10-20 year olds. The #iwill campaign brings together hundreds of organisations from all sectors so go to the website https://www.iwill.org.uk to find opportunities. 

Year 10 Introducing and Organising Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience Parent Letter

Year 12 Introducing and Organising Work Experience

Year 12 Work Experience Parent Letter

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