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Sixth Form

School Uniform

We aim for our uniform to be smart, safe and practical.  It should be appropriate for a range of activities during the school day.

Compulsory uniform for all students is as follows:

  • Navy Blazer with school logo- school pin badges only.
  • School Tie (clip on)
  • White shirt or blouse, tucked in.
  • Full length tailored black trousers, not leggings, skinny, or jeans style
  • Skirt (knee length or longer, and not jersey or lycra material). Please note that persistent refusal to follow the expectations of the policy on skirts here stated may mean that a student will be required to wear trousers instead.
  • Shorts may be worn in the summer, if they are plain black, knee length and tailored
  • Polishable formal black shoes only: boots, open sandals, high heels, canvas shoes, pumps, skate shoes (e.g. ‘vans’ and ‘converse’) or trainers of any kind are not to be worn as uniform
  • Navy V Neck school Jumper (from Screens) (optional)
  • Black tights or black socks, with no logo.

It is expected that students will be in uniform at all times. Any student who repeatedly wears the incorrect or incomplete uniform is liable to receive a consequence.

The school is not obliged to lend out uniform of any kind. The school reserves the right to withdraw students from the classroom to work separately where there is non-compliance, although this will not be our first course of action.  A school uniform bank operates in Beccles.  Support with uniform costs is available for disadvantaged students.

All outdoor coats must be buttoned or zipped. ‘Hoodies’ are not allowed, on top of or underneath blazers. No coloured tops or jumpers (other than the school jumper) are to be worn as uniform, even underneath shirts. Outdoor clothing should not be worn indoors.


Students should not wear more than one ring, one small stud in each ear (not stretchers or hoops) and one bracelet. A small necklace may be worn under the shirt. No facial piercings or tongue studs are allowed of any kind, including the nose.  This includes the wearing of ‘retainers.  This is for health and safety reasons.

Please note that lost items will not be the responsibility of the school.

In some activities, e.g. PE, Design Technology, all jewellery is required to be removed for safety reasons.


Make up is not to be worn by students in years 7, 8 and 9, including eyebrow tinting. Subtle make-up is allowed in Years 10 and 11. Students should not wear false eyelashes and coloured nail varnish (including acrylic and gel nails) in years 7-11. 


Hair colouring is only allowed if the school considers it to be a naturally occurring tone.  Students will be removed from class if there is non-compliance.  Hair bands and accessories should be minimal and unobtrusive.


Any form of tattooing is strictly forbidden. This is a criminal offence as laid down under the “Tattooing of Minors Act 1969”. The school does not allow any temporary tattoo.

PE uniform

For boys and girls:

  • SJLHS Multi sports top or ¼ zip top
  • SJLHS Sports t shirt
  • Navy sports shorts
  • Navy sports socks
  • Navy or Black jogging bottoms
  • White socks

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