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School Staff

Leadergroup Group

Mr Michael Taylor, Headteacher
Ms Ruth Gurney, Deputy Head 
Mr Paul Slater, Acting Headteacher – Upper School
Mrs Debbie Francis, Assistant Head – Lower School
Mrs Steph Silvers, Assistant Head – Sixth Form
Mr Mark Curtis, Acting Headteacher – Leadership Development, Director of Technology 
Mr David Miles, Assistant Head – Assessment, Data, Exams
Mr Paul Thurbon, Assistant Head - Operational Support & Student Engagement, Director of Maths
Miss Sarah Woodhouse, Director of Teaching and Learning
Mrs Julia Niblock, Director of Business and Finance


Mr Scott Mullinger, Leader of Media
Miss Verity Fairhill 


Mr Paul Thurbon, Director of Maths
Mr Barry Williams, Deputy Director of Maths
Mr Mark Banham
Mrs Ruth Barker, KS3 Co-ordinator of Maths
Mr Chris Birkin 
Mr Robert Kerry
Mr David Miles
Mrs Nemesia Todd, KS4 Co-ordinator of Maths (temporary)
Miss Lucy Travers
Dr Andrea Swiffen
Mr Joseph Jackman
Mr Ivor Butcher

Humanities (History, Geography, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Law, and Politics)

Mr Antony Mayers, Director of Humanities, Leader of Religious Studies
Mr Richard Ainslie
Mr Henry Lee, Associate Co-ordinator of Latin and Politics
Miss Lesley Barnes, Leader of Psychology and Sociology
Mrs Justine Chamberlin, Leader of History
Ms Annie Fassbender
Ms Ruth Gurney
Mrs Deanne Harrod, Leader of Geography
Mrs Ruth Hoyle 
Miss Laura Jewitt
Mrs Rebecca Mayers
Mrs Kirsten Remer
Mr Graeme Rockett
Mr Ian Ruddock
Mr John Stares
Mr Chris Millward


Ms Gemma Holland, Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Thomas Wainman, Deputy Director of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Christopher Millward
Mrs Isabelle Morton
Mr Christophe Naudot
Miss Leah Cleveland
Mr Henry Lee, Associate Co-ordinator of Latin and Politics
Miss Alice Brooks (Maternity Cover)

Physical Education

Mr Mark Gricks, Director of Sport
Mr Alistair Beales, Coordinator of Boys’ PE
Miss Mia Boorman, Coordinator of Girls’ PE
Mrs Debbie Francis
Mrs Sarah Harrod
Mr Simon Peck
Mr Ian Ruddock
Miss Lorraine Nabarro, Co-ordinator of Girls' PE
Miss Raemona Nabarro (Maternity Cover)

Personal Social & Health Education & Enrichment

Mrs Sarah Harrod, Joint Co-ordinator of PSHEE Enrichment
Ms Annie Fassbender, Joint Co-ordinator of PSHEE Enrichment

Workskills (Sixth Form)

Mrs Kirsten Remer, Leader of Work Skills
Mr Richard Ainslie
Mrs Allison Copeman

Careers and Aspirations

Mrs Allison Copeman, Careers & Aspirations Manager
Mrs Joanne Moye, Learning Resource Centre and Work Experience Co-ordinator 

Student Support

Mr Daniel Cable, Key Stage Manager (Y6 transition and Y7)
Miss Annie Marler, Key Stage Manager (Y10 and Y11)
Mrs Lucy Sayer, Key Stage Manager (Y8 and Y9)
Mrs Liz Guttridge, Lower School Academic Mentor 
Mr Richard Melchior, Upper School Academic Mentor
Mr Toby Gorbould, Sixth Form Academic Mentor
Mrs Chris Hill, Attendance Officer (part time)
Mrs Lindsay Cook, Attendance Officer (part time)
Mrs Wendy Bond, Inclusion Co-ordinator

Cover Supervisors

Miss Laura Aldis (part time)
Mrs Hannah Beard (part time)
Miss Emily Holt (part time)
Ms Philippa Murphy (part time)
Miss Chiara Coppola
Mr Harry Taylor (part time)
Mrs Ginny Bessy (part time)


Mrs Alison Paterson, Exams Officer (part time)
Mrs Kirsty Workman (part time)

Business Management

Mrs Julia Niblock, Director of Business and Finance
Mrs Donna Harmer, Business Support Manager
Mr Adam Sandford, Headteacher's PA and Educational Operations Manager

Reprographics Technicians

Mrs Philippa Gauld, Senior Reprographics Technician
Mrs Christine Catchpole

Technicians (Educational Support)

Mrs Sue Lewis, Senior Technician Science
Mr Paul Beveridge, Science
Miss Claire Maguire, Science
Mrs Rachel Sayer, Science
Mrs Tracey Cable, Food Technology
Mr Michael Driscoll, Design Technology
Mrs Alison Bushnell, Design Technology
Mrs Nawala Hoggett, Art Technician/Display
Mr Niall Riches, Creative Arts and School AV

Site team

Mr Chris Bell (Site Manager)
Mr David Bryant
Mr David Hembling
Mrs Maureen Stoney
Mr Richard Vaisey

Catering Manager

Mrs Karen Owers

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Mr John Stares, SENDco
Mrs Rosie Hawkins, Deputy SENDco


Mrs Jane Shoote, Director of English
Mrs Helen Oakes, Deputy Director of English
Mr Richard Boakes
Mrs Lisa Davies 
Mrs Linda Goram
Mrs Rosie Hawkins
Mrs Suzanne Maton, English Intervention Co-ordinator and Co-ordinator of KS3 English
Mrs Lynda Morrall
Mr Scott Mullinger
Mr Ben Olive, Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching
Mrs Jane Pfrang, KS5 Co-ordinator of English (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Karen Turner 
Miss Kirsty Aldis
Miss Tabitha Buckley


Mrs Cimone Bedward, Director of Science
Mrs Rosemary Harrison, Deputy Director of Science
Mrs Elizabeth Battle
Mrs Julie Hartnell, Associate Co-ordinator Chemistry
Mrs Anita Riley, Co-ordinator of KS3 Science, Associate Co-ordinator of Biology
Mrs Cheryl Embleton
Mrs Iona Ellyatt
Mr Joseph Hallam
Miss Samantha Green
Mr Nicholas Thomas
Mr Nick Hull
Miss Sarah Woodhouse
Mr Alex Brown


Mr Mark Curtis, Director of Design Technology 
Mrs Sarah Peek, Leader of Design
Mr Maarten Bos
Mrs Alison Fawkes
Miss Rebecca Myhill, Leader of Food Technology
Mr Robert Vaughan, Associate Co-ordinator of Photography
Mrs Emma-Jane Siddall

Business, Computing & IT

Mr James Trenchard, Director of Business, Computing and IT
Mr Peter Robinson, Deputy Director of Business, Computing and IT
Mrs Janet Rice, Leader of Health & Social Care
Mr Graeme Rockett
Mrs Steph Silvers
Mr Mark Banham
Mr Steven Greenwood

Creative Arts (Art, Music, Media and Drama)

Mrs Rebecca Mayers, Director of Creative Arts, Leader of Drama & Performing Arts
Mr Richard Boakes
Mr Maarten Bos
Mrs Jo Forster
Miss Verity Fairhill
Mrs Rachel Green
Miss Emily Holt
Mr Scott Mullinger, Leader of Media
Mrs Margaret Taylor, Leader of Music
Mr Michael Taylor
Miss Holly Watte
Ms Bella White, Leader of Art
Mrs Alison Wilson
Mr Paul Slater 
Miss Emma Wong
Mrs Jennifer Dobson (Maternity Cover)

Skills (Lower School)

Mr Mark Banham
Mr Alistair Beales
Miss Leah Cleveland
Ms Annie Fassbender
Mrs Debbie Francis
Mrs Rosemary Harrison
Mrs Sarah Harrod  
Miss Emily Holt
Mr Christopher Millward
Mr Ben Olive
Mrs Kirsten Remer
Miss Holly Watte
Miss Sarah Woodhouse (Acting Leader)
Miss Sally Turner (Technician)

Teaching Assistants

Miss Debbie Bentley (part time)
Miss Hazel Blackburn
Mrs Lynne Brown
Miss Chloe Gardener
Mrs Patricia George
Mrs Melanie Galer
Mrs Pamela Lee
Mrs Victoria Mitchell
Mrs Sue Moore (part time)
Mrs Alison Morton (part time)
Mrs Yvonne Partridge (part time)
Mrs Ellen Simpson (part time)
Mrs Casey Thomson (part time)


Mrs Samantha Thompson, Data Manager (part time) 

Business Support

Mrs Sue Booker
Mrs Sue Dunn
Mrs Tricia Keable 
Mrs Nadia Kemp (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Karen Limmer
Mrs Ruth Mattocks
Mrs Jane Napthine
Mrs Mary Scott
Miss Emma Sison
Mrs Jackie Stimpson
Miss Sally Turner, Educational Visits Co-ordinator, Head of First Aid

IT Support

Mr Matthew Dyer-Bunn, Network Manager
Mr Greg Fletcher
Mr Tom Gardiner
Miss Emma Sison

Community Sports and Lettings

Mrs Liz Hadridge, Community Sports and Lettings Manager
Mrs Christine Barratt
Mr Sean Higginbotham 

Sixth Form Leadership Roles

Miss Holly Smith, Head Girl
Mr Lewis Morfitt, Head Boy

Miss Megan Bailey, Deputy Head Girl
Mr Josh White, Deputy Head Boy

Sixth Form Council

Miss Lauren Burley, Chair of Council
Miss Rianna Jones, Deputy Chair of Council
Miss Laura Ellis, Finance Director
Miss Courtney Mitchell, Marketing Director
Miss Sophie Goldsworthy and Miss Caitlin Barber, Charity Director
Miss Jennifer Steed, Community Director (Performance)
Mr Owen Rudd, Environment Director
Miss Casey Grimwood, Education Director
Miss Michi Bezant, RAG Week Director

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