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School Staff

Leadership Group

Mr M Taylor, Headteacher
Ms R Gurney, Deputy Head 
Mrs D Francis, Assistant Head – Lower School
Mr P Slater, Assistant Headteacher – Upper School
Mrs S Silvers, Assistant Head – Sixth Form
Mr M Curtis, Assistant Headteacher – Leadership Development, Director of Technology 
Mr D Miles, Assistant Head – Assessment, Data, Exams, Timetabler, Disadvantaged Students
Mr P Thurbon, Assistant Head - Operational Support & Student Engagement, Director of Maths
Miss S Woodhouse, Director of Teaching and Learning


Mr S Mullinger, Leader of Media
Miss V Fairhill 


Mr P Thurbon, Director of Maths
Mr B Williams, Deputy Director of Maths
Mrs R Barker, KS3 Co-ordinator of Maths
Mr R Kerry
Mr D Miles
Mrs N Todd
Miss L Travers
Dr A Swiffen
Mr J Jackman, KS4 Co-ordinator of Maths (temporary)
Mr I Butcher
Miss E Stone
Mrs S Fenwick

Humanities (History, Geography, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Law, and Politics)

Mr A Mayers, Director of Humanities, Leader of Religious Studies
Mr R Ainslie
Mr H Lee, Associate Co-ordinator of Latin and Politics
Miss L Barnes, Leader of Psychology and Sociology
Mrs J Chamberlin, Leader of History
Ms A Fassbender
Ms R Gurney
Mrs D Harrod, Leader of Geography
Mrs R Hoyle 
Miss L Jewitt
Mrs R Mayers
Mrs K Remer
Mr G Rockett
Mr I Ruddock
Mr J Stares
Mr C Millward
Miss A Wynn


Miss G Holland, Director of Languages
Mr T Wainman, Deputy Director of Languages
Mr C Millward
Mrs I Morton
Mr C Naudot
Miss L Cleveland
Mr H Lee, Associate Co-ordinator of Latin and Politics
Miss A Brooks

Physical Education

Mr M Gricks, Director of Sport
Mr A Beales, Co-ordinator of Boys’ PE
Mrs D Francis
Mrs S Harrod
Mr S Peck
Mr I Ruddock
Miss L Nabarro, Co-ordinator of Girls' PE
Miss R Nabarro

Personal Social & Health Education & Enrichment

Mrs S Harrod, Joint Co-ordinator of PSHEE Enrichment
Ms A Fassbender, Joint Co-ordinator of PSHEE Enrichment

Workskills (Sixth Form)

Mrs K Remer, Leader of Work Skills
Mr R Ainslie
Mrs A Copeman

Careers and Aspirations

Mrs A Copeman, Careers & Aspirations Manager
Mrs J Moye, Learning Resource Centre and Work Experience Co-ordinator 

Student Support

Mr D Cable, Key Stage Manager (Y6 transition and Y7)
Miss A Marler, Key Stage Manager (Y8 and Y11)
Mrs L Sayer, Key Stage Manager (Y9 and Y10)
Mrs L Guttridge, Lower School Academic Mentor 
Mr R Melchior, Upper School Academic Mentor
Mrs K Crisp, Attendance Officer
Mrs W Bond, Inclusion Co-ordinator
Mr T Gorbould, Senior Co-ordinator of Sixth Form

Cover Supervisors

Miss L Aldis (part time)
Mrs H Beard (part time)
Mr L Harrington (part time)
Miss E Holt (part time)
Ms P Murphy (part time)
Mr H Taylor (part time)


Mrs A Paterson, Exams Officer (part time)
Mrs K Workman (part time)

Business Management

Mrs D Harmer, Business Operations Manager
Mr A Sandford, Headteacher's PA and Educational Operations Manager

Reprographics Technicians

Mrs P Gauld, Senior Reprographics Technician
Mrs C Catchpole

Technicians (Educational Support)

Mrs S Lewis, Senior Technician Science
Mr P Beveridge, Science
Miss C Maguire, Science
Mrs R Sayer, Science
Mrs T Cable, Food Technology
Mr M Driscoll, Design Technology
Miss F Murphy, Design Technology
Mrs N Hoggett, Art Technician/Display
Mr N Riches, Creative Arts and School AV

Site team

Mr C Bell (Site Manager)
Mr D Bryant
Mr D Hembling
Mrs M Stoney
Mr R Vaisey

Catering Manager

Mrs K Owers

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Mr J Stares, SENDco
Mrs R Hawkins, Deputy SENDco


Mrs J Shoote, Director of English
Mrs S Maton, Deputy Director of English
Mr R Boakes, Co-ordinator of KS3 English
Mrs L Davies
Mrs L Goram
Mrs R Hawkins
Mrs L Morrall
Mr S Mullinger
Mr B Olive, Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching
Mrs J Pfrang, KS5 Co-ordinator of English
Miss K Turner 
Miss K Aldis, Leader of Literacy
Miss T Buckley, Co-ordinator of Intervention
Mrs J Neeves
Miss A Brooks
Miss E Holt


Mrs C Bedward, Director of Science
Mrs R Harrison, Deputy Director of Science
Mrs E Battle
Mrs J Hartnell, Associate Co-ordinator Chemistry
Mrs A Riley, Co-ordinator of KS3 Science, Associate Co-ordinator of Biology
Mrs C Embleton
Mrs I Ellyatt
Mr J Hallam
Miss S Green
Mr N Thomas
Mr N Hull
Miss S Woodhouse
Mr N Hull
Mr C Fawkes


Mr M Curtis, Director of Design Technology 
Mrs S Peek, Leader of Design
Mr M Bos
Mrs A Fawkes
Mrs R Davies, Leader of Food Technology
Mr R Vaughan, Associate Co-ordinator of Photography
Mrs E Siddall

Business, Computing & IT

Mr J Trenchard, Director of Business, Computing and IT
Mr P Robinson, Deputy Director of Business, Computing and IT
Mrs J Rice, Leader of Health & Social Care
Mr G Rockett
Mrs S Silvers
Mr S Greenwood

Creative Arts (Art, Music, Media and Drama)

Mrs R Mayers, Director of Creative Arts, Leader of Drama & Performing Arts
Mr R Boakes
Mr M Bos
Mrs J Forster
Miss V Fairhill
Mrs R Green
Miss E Holt
Mr S Mullinger, Leader of Media
Mrs M Taylor, Leader of Music
Miss H Watte
Ms B White, Leader of Art
Mr T Laird
Mr P Slater 
Miss E Wong
Mrs E Siddall
Mr R Vaughan, Associate Co-ordinator of Photography

Skills (Lower School)

Mr A Beales
Miss L Cleveland
Ms A Fassbender
Mrs D Francis
Mrs S Harrod  
Miss E Holt
Mr B Olive
Mr C Fawkes
Mrs C Embleton
Miss G Holland
Miss E Wong
Miss A Brooks
Miss S Woodhouse (Acting Leader)
Miss S Turner (Technician)

Teaching Assistants

Miss D Bentley (part time)
Miss H Blackburn
Mrs L Brown
Mrs P George
Mrs M Galer
Mrs P Lee
Mrs V Mitchell
Mrs S Moore (part time)
Mrs A Morton (part time)
Mrs Y Partridge (part time)
Mrs E Simpson (part time)
Mrs C Thomson (part time)
Miss G Leeder (apprentice)
Miss E Warner (apprentice)
Miss M Lark (apprentice)
Mr E Baker (apprentice)


Mrs S Thompson, Data Manager (part time) 

Business Support

Mrs S Booker
Ms M Cooper
Mrs S Dunn
Mrs T Keable 
Mrs N Kemp
Mrs K Limmer
Mrs R Mattocks
Mrs M Scott
Miss E Sison
Miss S Turner, Educational Visits Co-ordinator, Head of First Aid

IT Support

Mr M Dyer-Bunn, Network Manager
Mr G Fletcher
Miss E Sison
Mr J Jeffries

Community Sports and Lettings

Mr S Higginbotham, Community Sports and Lettings Manager

Sixth Form Leadership Roles

Mr B Mensah, Head Boy
Miss L Thurbon, Head Girl

Sixth Form Council

Miss L Baker, Sports Director
Miss A Delf, Finance Director
Miss E Eagle, Marketing Director
Mr K Evans, Sports Director
Mr A Goldspink, Charity Director
Miss R Hicks, Environment Director
Miss S Lamy, Teaching and Learning Director
Mr L Mathews, Council Chair
Miss C Rouse, RAG Director
Miss J Sarson, Deputy Council Chair
Miss E Takman, Performance Director
Miss B Todd, Communities Director

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